Gina Gershon Before After Nose Job?

Gina Gershon before and after plastic surgery?
Gina Gershon is an accomplished actress and ageless beauty, featured in movies including Bound, Showgirls and Cocktail.

Ms. Gershon is quickly closing in on fifty years of age, however she has maintained her youthful appearance quite nicely over the years, however many believe this is directly attributed to the use of plastic surgery, with speculation including a nose job (rhinoplasty), botox and facial fillers.

Brooke Shields before and after plastic surgery

So lets take and minute and analysis her nose, which is certainly a very slender schnoz, with exceptionally small nostrils, however that doesn't automatically mean shes had a nose job procedure.
In fact, after shuffling through a plethora of old photos, i wasn't able to locate a single snapshot that would suggest plastic surgery, with the exception of varies angles and lighting that tend to create false comparisons.

Ally Walker before and after plastic surgery

With that being said, i think its quite evident that Gina Gershon has experimented with botox injections and facial fillers. Which seems very clear in this recent photo of the lovely actress.

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Anonymous said...

she may have had that stuff done but she still looks like she is aging which is good.