Vanessa Hudgens Breast Implants Plastic Surgery?

Vanessa Hudgens before and after breast implants plastic surgery?
Never in a million years did i ever think we'd be mentioning the breathtakingly beautiful Vanessa Hudgens, and plastic surgery in the same sentence, however that time has now come...

If you haven't heard the news, Vanessa Hudgens will be starring alongside Dwayne The Rock Johnson in the upcoming movie entitled Journey 2, which is currently filming in Hawaii.

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So, there is been a boatload of photos surfacing from the movie set, photos which show Ms. Hudgens with an unusually full chest, which has prompted speculation of a boob job for the young starlet.

Well it looks like one of three things may have happened: 1. Vanessa Hudgens opted for breast implants. 2. Vanessa Hudgens hit a huge and somewhat delayed growth spurt. 3. Vanessa Hudgens was fitted for a humongous padded bra for her latest role in Journey 2.

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Those three options are the only reasonable explanations i can conjure up at the moment, so lets just cross our fingers and hope the correct answer is number 2 or 3.

Because heaven knows Vanessa Hudgens is hands down the most stunning women in show business today, and any type of plastic surgery would be a complete disservice to her stunning God given beauty.

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