Sara Bareilles Offended by 'BridalPlasty' Reality Series

Meet Sara Bareilles, a sensationally talented singer-songwriter and musician, known for her angelic vocals which ranges from contralto to mezzo-soprano, as well as hit albums including Little Voice and Kaleidoscope Heart.

Like many famous people, Sara Bareilles has also taken a liking to the wildly popular social network, twitter, a place where she communicates with her fans, while pulling no punches for what she believes in!

Last night Ms. Bareilles caught a glimpse of the new reality series 'BridalPlasty', where 12 brides compete for a total plastic surgery makeover, and not surprisingly this struck a sour chord with many viewers, including Sara Bareilles, which prompted her to tweet the following message, to her nearly 2 million followers.
Its wasn't long before the hashtag #boycottbridalplasty started trending on twitter, which has grabbed the attention of countless unaware citizens. The question is, did Sara Bareilles start a digital revolution of sorts? Only time will tell...

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