Sandra Bullock Botox, Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Sandra Bullock before and after plastic surgery?
Here we have the always stunning starlet, Sandra Bullock, who you might remember from blockbuster hits like Speed, Miss Congeniality and The Blind Side, among countless other fabulous films.

It seems like there has always been a fair amount low-pitched whispering about the possibility of Sandra Bullock undergoing plastic surgery, in fact many gossip blogs have suggested that the actress has previously undergone such procedures as a mini facelift, nose job and botox injections.

Scarlett Johansson before and after plastic surgery

Personally, i never bought into the plastic surgery rumors, that is until i stumbled across this teenage snapshot of Ms. Bullock, sporting a much wider nose, most noticeably in the bridge area. A nose which appears to be much wider than her modern day booger blower... However the human nose does in fact grow throughout our entire life, so perhaps Sandra finally grew into hers?
As for the facelift speculation, there doesn't appear to be any clear evidence from the looks of these before and after photos, however i wouldn't completely rule out the possibility of a few botox injections, in recent years.

Natalie Portman before and after plastic surgery

The line is clearly drawn in the sand, and many believe that Golden Globe winning actress, Sandra Bullock, has undoubtedly dabbled in plastic surgery, while just as many faithful fans claim shes natural as mamas home cooking. The question is, where do you stand on the issue?

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6 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Shes beautiful inside and out, Love her!!!

Anonymous said...

just the nose job really

Anonymous said...

Looks like a different photo angle to me.

Anonymous said...

Um, she's not a "starlet" she's a huge movie star and one of the biggest female box office stars in Hollywood history. Yep, I'm a male fan and she's stunning for 46.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she's had plastic surgery. Sites often offer up two photos with VERY DIFFERENT lighting, which affects the way the photos look. If you look REALLY closely, you will see that she's not had work done. She is just a gorgeous lady who is aging naturally. Some people are just blessed with good genes. And, she's got her new baby and she's happy. Kudos, Sandra. Love ya! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think she's all natural. She has a very distinct nose, and those two bumps on the tip and it's square shape have pretty much remained constant. Some people just age better and she's definitely one of them. The woman is ridiculous from head to toe!