Mary McCormack Lips Plastic Surgery

Mary McCormack before and after plastic surgery? Lip injections.
Mary McCormack is a delightfully talented American actress, who has starred on the television series Murder One, In Plain Sight and in movies such as Private Parts and 1408.

Once again we have a naturally beautiful starlet who is rumored to have experimented with plastic surgery, in fact there has been an increased amount of online chatter regarding the facial appearance of Ms. Mary McCormack, most of which is focusing on her lips.

Lisa Rinna lip reduction plastic surgery

As we glance at the before and after photo, we see an decade old snapshot of a lovely thin-lipped McCormack, however in current photos the actress appears to have slightly increased the size of her kisser, presumably from a few collagen injections into her upper lip, which is also quite evident in the photo below.
Since these rumors first began to swirl, at least one other plastic surgery blog suggested Ms. McCormack has also been the benefactor of procedures such as a nose job (rhinoplasty), brow lift and botox injections.

Julie Benz before and after plastic surgery

Very interested to hear our local community chime in and share some opinions on the topic of Mary McCormack, and her alleged plastic surgery makeover.

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Who cares about her plastic surgery. She can't act. She's the star of In Plain Sight, but when she's on the screen, the show's suck-factor increases 10 fold.

Anonymous said...

Come on "July 14, 2011 4:28 PM"! Mary McCormack is a delightfully Mary Shannon In Plain Sight.

Anonymous said...

I knew something was wrong with her face!!