Lynne Curtin Plastic Surgery - Before After

Lynne Curtin before and after facelift plastic surgery.
Here we see a collection of before and after photos of one, Lynne Curtin, a brief television star and former cast member on the television series The Real Housewives of Orange County. Though you may not recognize her at first sight, following her facelift procedure.

As you can see, Ms. Curtin's plastic surgery adventure ended much more pleasantly than we're accustom to seeing with the majority of Hollywood facelifts, however some would argue that her face is much too tight, which tends to cause strange artificial facial expressions.
Lynne Curtin was quoted as saying: "I'd always worked out a lot, but my head didn't match my body." and following the operation "It looks like the clock has been turned back 12 years on my face."

Mary Tyler Moore before and after plastic surgery

Clearly the targeted points of interest were the forehead and neck area, followed by a few touch-ups on her jowls, plus other sites have suggested she possibly opted for cheek implants as well.
And while we didn't bother to discuss her chest, it seemed quite obvious we're dealing with a typical case of tight tissue/low body fat, thus resulting in extra fake looking over sized breast implants.

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How would you rate the overall results of Lynne Curtin's plastic surgery makeover? Was it a screaming success or a frowning failure?

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Great facelift.

Anonymous said...

Her jawline is HUGE and HIDEOUS! I think she looks like Steven Tyler.
Ugly. Money can't buy a pretty face...really.

Milly0101 said...

I think she looks amazzzzing.. I wish I looked like her when I am on my 50's..