Hilary Swank Before After Breast Implants

Hilary Swank before and after breast implants plastic surgery.
Hilary Swank is a magnificently talented Academy Award-winning actress who starred in films such as Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby.

The idea of Hilary Swank undergoing plastic surgery has been a hot topic for quite some time now, and the debate heated up substantially after last years Oscars, when Ms. Swank graced the red carpet while donning a revealing dress which showcased all her goodies.

Heidi Montag before and after plastic surgery

At first glance things appeared quite nicely, however upon further review of the snapshot below, you'll noticed an interestingly located vertical scar, plus a strange bulging/rippling area of her left breast, which are two huge red flags when spotting breast implants.
The evidence seems quite clear, however the question is why... Why would an already established actress feel the need for breast enhancement surgery at this point in her career? Perhaps to land different roles? Maybe peer pressure, or perhaps she did it for her own self-esteem.

Jodie Marsh before and after breast implants

With all that being said, how would rate the finished results and assess the overall decision of Hilary Swank's presumed breast augmentation plastic surgery procedure?

Is she a million dollar babe or did she make all the boys cry...

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Anonymous said...

Hilary Swank has a phenomenal body, and has has pretty large boobs for her frame for her entire acting career. If she has implants, she got them a really long time ago. Actually, they look smaller in the most recent photo than they normally do.