Ashley Greene Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Ashley Greene nose job plastic surgery?
Ashley Greene is a stunningly beautiful American actress and model, featured in the sensationally successful Twilight film series.

Blake Lively before and after nose job plastic surgery

Since Ms. Greene exploded onto the scene back in 08, there has been quite a bit of discussion surrounding her nose, the shape and size of it, and whether or not shes undergone plastic surgery to alter said schnoz.
Well i guess it goes without saying, Ashley Greene has an extraordinarily "petite" nose with a uniquely pointy tip, which others have compared to historically botched celebrity nose jobs of yesteryear. However we're not so sure the stunning starlet has cosmetically altered her nose at all...

Ashley Tisdale before and after rhinoplasty

I suppose for now we'll leave a solemn question mark on Ashley Greene's nose job (rhinoplasty) rumor, until we locate some old school snapshots and create a worthy before and after photo. Stay tuned kiddies!

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Anonymous said...

High school year book picture:

Anonymous said...,,20290120_20396550_20802814,00.html
Ashley's senior picture
compared to,,20290120_20396550_20802817,00.html


Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think it's the makeup. There's lot's of pictures of her high school graduation on the internet, I think it's a slight difference makeup could make. I love how her nose is very unique, I've never seen another nose like it.