Wynonna Judd Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Wynonna Judd before and after nose job plastic surgery?
Wynonna Judd is a tremendously successful country music artist, known for singing alongside her mother as part of the duo The Judds, along with hit solo albums such as Wynonna and Revelations.

The singer has talked publicly about her weight issues and her "severe" dependency on food while chatting it up on The Oprah Winfrey Show, however there hasn't been much talk about her seemingly altered facial appearance, perhaps the result of a nose job procedure.

Angelina Jolie before and after nose job

Recent photos of Ms. Judd showcases a much thinner looking nose bridge, along with an extra pointy tip and differently shaped nostrils, which would appear to be evidence of a recent rhinoplasty operation.
I was rather surprised to see almost no prior discussion concerning Wynonna Judd's possible plastic surgery alteration, floating around the internet.

Natalie Portman nose job plastic surgery

Maybe this is late breaking news, or perhaps just a figment of my imagination... But what does everyone else think about the recent photos and subsequent plastic surgery speculation?

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4 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Welll personally i think she needs a face facelift or something because shes ugly as hell!

Anonymous said...

dont be a hater. you're probably just saying that because your so insecure with your own self you have to put down others. so go take a look in the mirror, but try not to break it.

nikki said...

Honey if u think she is ugly and needs a facelift th.en I'm sure there is no fixin ur problem.most likley time has not been good to u and ur goin through the change.its called insecure.get up off ur lazy butt n do smthn about it.but I guess u cnt fix ugly its perm.so mayb ur upset there is no cure to ur problem.

nikki said...

Who ever can knock a beautiful woman like wy.is down right jealous and most likley goin through the change.and insecure.your prob not hott n sassy like her.don't b a hater look at ur self and ask?dang u can't fix ugly.natural beauty is within.