Stephanie Pratt Trout Pout Lips

Stephanie Pratt before and after plastic surgery.
Well if it isn't our favorite D-list celebrity, Stephanie Pratt, former star from the now nonexistent television series, The Hills.

Last time we saw the Hollywood wannabe, she was sporting a newly trimmer and reconstructed pair of blowholes, from what appeared to be an obvious nose job operation, which you can also see signs of in the before and after photo above.

Audrina Patridge before and after breast implants

Something else you might notice in this photo, is the explosion of collagen that is now Stephanie Pratt's lips, which is nothing short of trout pout-tastic!
And this wouldn't be the first time somebody in her family has succumb to the temptations of plastic surgery, her sister in law is actually the notorious Heidi Montag.

Lindsay Lohan before and after lip injections

Don't get me wrong, I'm not comparing Stephanie's nose job and lip injections to Heidi's full body transformation of a dozen or so procedures, however you gotta start somewhere...

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2 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

she looked better before

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon  said...

There are lot many changes as I can see.The face is more slender and of course not to miss the fuller and carved lips.Job well done indeed.