Sabrina Sabrok Breast Implants - Before After

Sabrina Sabrok before and after breast implants plastic surgery.
And just when you thought you'd seen the most outrageously overdone plastic surgery procedures before, we present to you Ms. Sabrina Sabrok, an Argentine television star, singer, and dirty bird model, best known for her massive mounds of artificial enhancement.

Whenever we feature one of these mind boggling plastic surgery abnormalities such as comically sized breast implants, its difficult to imagine the thought process in which this horrible idea came to life.
Seriously folks, the amount of negative reasons not to undergo a "42XXX" breast augmentation has to outweigh the benefits, like 95/5ish. But apparently Ms. Sabrok absolutely insisted on becoming a walking punchline of 24 hour discomfort.

Pamela Anderson before and after breast implants

But hey look on the bright side, she now doubles as a security flotation device on cruise ships, not to mention the biggest airbags to ever grace the inside of a toyota camry...
And if the ridiculously large breast implants weren't enough already, Sabrina Sabrok has also undergone a nose job (rhinoplasty) procedure, and more recently a pair of overly injected trout pout lips.

Kendra Wilkinson before and after breast implants

Lets go ahead and start the countdown till her next modification, but i guess the real question is, will it be an enhancement or a reduction? You make the call!

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Anonymous said...

According to Wikipedia, which dates her birth to 1977, she was twelve when the black and white photo of her was taken.
Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Yes. She looks just AWFUL. Yup: totally disgusting...yessir. Blondes with big breasts. Terrible.

Anonymous said...

she looks well better like this! what the hell is wrong with you people??!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Those things look like a tool you would find in home depot. Roll out the lumps in the tar.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing whoever wrote this, is a flat chested woman.