Pete Burns Botched Plastic Surgery Face

English singer from the band Dead or Alive, Pete Burns, was recently spotted while taking a stroll with his boyfriend (not pictured), while revealing his drastically altered facial appearance, due to plastic surgery.

As you may remember, Mr Burns underwent extensive plastic surgery, including lip implants, cheek implants among other suspected operations, needless to say the results were extremely botched, in fact he later sued the surgeon and was awarded £450,000.

Nicole Kidman before and after plastic surgery

Regarding his botched lip implants, Pete said: "I am just glad the case is now over. It is a terrible experience living with the trauma and worry of injury and disability and to have to re-live and recount the details and circumstances of how your injuries happened for the purposes of evidence for the court. It has taken away my life and my career. I saw doctors in London who said the only option was to amputate my lips. I was suicidal."

Megan Fox lips before and after injections

Fortunately for the Mr. Burns, he located a specialist in London to maintains his face and the damage that had already been done, without amputating anything.
Above we see a couple of old school photos of Pete Burns, before he began experimenting with plastic surgery enhancements.

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