Jenny McCarthy Botox

Jenny McCarthy has always been very open and quite candid about her various plastic surgery procedures, from her multiple breast augmentations to her scheduled botox appointments.

And its always nice to have a straight forward and transparent celebrity, so we don't have to speculate on rumors and before and after photos.

In an interview with People magazine about botox use, Jenny McCarthy said...

"I go every two months. My tricks are, I get Botox in my forehead, I just have my doctor do a little shot there. If you overdo, it looks bad. I believe in just a little bit. It allows you to keep that mobility in your face. It's a great little secret."
And while we truly believe Ms. McCarthy originally only intended to get a little botox here and there, we're starting to think maybe she is seeing her doctor a little too often lately.

Kylie Minogue plastic surgery botox

As we take a look at some recent photos of the blonde bombshell, we notice she is starting to take on that petrified waxy look, which we've seen plenty of from countless other celebrities who overuse botox.

Madonna before and after botox

What do you think, folks? Does Jenny McCarthy need to cut back on her bi-monthly visits to the local cosmetic physician?

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

What about her HORRIBLE cheek implants

Anonymous said...

I agree! On her second stint on Two and a Half Men, I couldn't believe how weird she looked!!! I hate that fake look, anyway. They all look the same.

Anonymous said...

Not so "subtle" anymore regarding the botox Jenny...are you past the point of no return?