Sophie Monk Lips Before And After

Sophie Monk before and after lip injections.
Sophie Monk is an English pop singer, actress and model who has experienced a high level of success, known as a member of the pop group Bardot, along with her hit solo debut album entitled Calendar Girl.

Since her explosion onto the scene back in 2000, the beautiful singer has slowing transformed her appearance, in a not so flattering way.
The main culprit in this stunning transformation is clearly lip injections of either collagen or perhaps the less popular restylane.

Liv Tyler before and after lip injections

Regardless of the plumping method, the results speak for themselves and its not something to write home about.
And perhaps the most startling aspect of all, is the sheer size and shape of Sophie's lips continue to drastically change from picture to picture, which would lead anyone to believe she has received an excess amount of injections, sending her poor lips into a trout pout whirlwind.
And finally we see a more resent snapshot of Sophie Monk, displaying her current lip size, which is evidently a tribute to Angelina Jolie.

Lindsay Lohan before and after trout pout lips

Sophie Monk has also been rumored to have undergone other plastic surgery procedures such as breast implants and botox injections, which we'll highlight in the near future.

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Sophie Monk is Australian, NOT english.