Julie Benz Lip Augmentation

Julie Benz before and after lip injections?
Julie Benz is a beloved American actress, featured on the television series Dexter, Angel and a slew of other small screen programs.

Over the last few year, Julie Benz has been rumored to have made a few plastic surgery alterations to her face and body.

Sophie Monk lips before and after

We initially noticed an increase in the size of her lips, as well as a new level of tightness in her facial expressions, which is typically signs of botox injections.

Lindsay Lohan before and after lip injections

And even more recently, we've seen a significant increase in her bust size, which is presumed to be a fresh set of breast implants, for the nearly forty year old actress.

Stay tuned for the followup on Julie Benz's rumored breast implants surgery.

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Rachel White said...

She still looks beautiful. If someone wants to have a little work done on them so be it. Love her!