Anna Faris Breast Implants

Anna Faris before and after breast implants plastic surgery.
Anna Faris is a wonderfully talented and funny American actress who has starred in such movies as The House Bunny and the Scary Movie series.

Anna Faris burst onto the scene way back in 2000 with her breakthrough performance in the motion picture Scary Movie, a fresh faced young lady with a petite build and a bra size that appeared to be no bigger than an A cup.
Flash forward eight years and we saw the blossoming actress star as a former playboy bunny in the movie entitled House Bunny, ironically right around this very time, Anna Faris debuted a new pair of assets that clearly appeared to be breast implants.

Holly Madison before and after plastic surgery

The results of the apparent plastic surgery enhancement is quite noticeable and not in a natural kinda way, which isn't surprising when you consider Ms Faris didn't have much tissue to work with, which always results in tightly squeezed looking implants.
With that being said, we do applaud Anna Faris for not taking the route of a real life playboy bunny and increasing her breast size three or more cup sizes.

Pamela Anderson before and after breast implants

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8 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

I'll be damned, she does have fake boobs. Never really noticed.

Anonymous said...

Pretty girl. I am disappoint.

Anonymous said...

I loved her with small natural boobs, and i love her with slightly bigger fake boobs. If she had gone overboard I would be disappointed, but she didn't. I think if the boob implants made her feel better about herself, then YAY. I'm happy for her. and HAPPY she didn't get HUGE implants.

Anonymous said...

Farris has also have some work done with her face.
She looks more attractive now and got her money's worth.

Anonymous said...

Love her and her fake boobs..

Anonymous said...

I think she ruined her face with the botox lips (hate the fish lips on women). I am not sure, but I think she did something with her nose as well. It looks more "bulbous".

The breast enlargement is fine. Like the article said, she didnt go overboard. The tit slip in the movie What's Your Number showed the implant(s) look nice.

bigfun said...

she was a heck of alot hotter when she was all natural why be like every 1 else in hollywood fake

swifttty said...

Breast implant made her feel better now she is a big celebrity after having natural breast enlargement process for her boobs.