Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery

Wayne Newton before and after plastic surgery.
Here we have Mr Las Vegas himself, the beloved singer and entertainer who has been singing and often dancing the night away in ritzy casinos since the early 1960's, so without further ado ladies and gentlemen, Wayne Newton!

If you have a keen eye, you might have noticed something a little different about Wayne Newton in this before and after picture, something that might be attributed to
plastic surgery.

Naturally there has been a boat load of speculation regarding the presumed plastic surgery procedures of Wayne Newton, and many speculators have cited a brow lift, eye lift and facelift as the culprits in Wayne Newton's transformation.

Burt Reynolds before and after plastic surgery

But aside from all the nip tuck, i would guess that he's also received an ample amount of botox injections along with a chemical peel or two as well.

Rupert Everett facelift plastic surgery

Despite Wayne Newton's remarkable change in appearance, the people of Las Vegas still love snot out of him and hes also getting the job done, nightly in the city of sin.

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4 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

When I look at male celebrates like Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart, It's obvious that their individual talents are what made them successful. Grant was consider extremely handsome and Bogart average at best. Both were successful romantic leading men and I believe neither had plastic surgery.

Wayne Newton is extremely talented and would be no less had he not had plastic surgery. So why bother and let the natural aging process take its course. Unless Newton was abducted by aliens, he has had something done to his face and hair.

Anonymous said...

i just met wayne last night before his concert in atlantic city and i found my self staring at him because his face was so scary! my uncle was in a state of shock, he couldn't believe how scary his plastic surgery had made him.

i love wayne newton, i think he's a very handsome man, but he'd look a heck of a lot better without 70 pounds of botox in his face

Anonymous said...

Why oh Why did you do it you may still have a voice to die for but you now have a face only a person looking as bad as you could love

Anonymous said...

Why would any one with a voice like Waynes want to ruin his self with all that surgery.He needs to learn to grow old like the great ones.In show business you need to be what you are not what you think you are he has ruined his self.I'll listen to him but I sure don't want to see him.WHAT A SHAME.listen but look no more