Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers before and after plastic surgery.
Melissa Rivers is of course the daughter and fashion correspondent sidekick of plastic surgery icon Joan Rivers, and likewise the apple didn't fall far from the tree in this case either.

Its quite apparent that Melissa Rivers has made some alterations to her appearance with the use plastic surgery, in fact she sat down with People magazine and discussed her use of botox injections and the ridicule shes received from the media regarding her motionless face.

Courtney Cox before and after plastic surgery

"I've been called so many names, horse face, ugly. I've never denied having botox, I get it done once or twice a year. I looked in the mirror this morning and thought, I need more!. And I had my boobs done after my son was born."

"I have a lot of self-image issues, I grew up in the land of beautiful, perfect people. I think I'd be more upset if they said I had a fat ass."

Cindy Crawford before and after botox

Well Melissa, we don't think you have a fat ass, perhaps maybe a few pounds underweight, but nobodies perfect. And remember there is no "I" in team, sweetheart.

The real question is, are botox injections really the only cosmetic procedure Melissa Rivers has undergone? Because other outlets have suggested shes had such plastic surgery operations as a nose job, brow lift and cheek implants.

Maybe she did and maybe she didn't have the aforementioned plastic surgery procedures, but one thing is very evident in this before and after picture above, Melissa Rivers is injecting way too much botox into her face, which has ultimately done a disservice to her natural beauty, despite ridding her face of wrinkles.
I wonder if Melissa and her mother Joan ever have "mother daughter day" at the local plastic surgeons office. You know, buy one get one free type of deal.

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Anonymous said...

this poor woman go the ass end of the stick being the daughter of Joan. poor, poor girl never stood a chance regardless of what procedures she has had done.