Amanda Bynes Breast Implants

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery, breast implants?
Amanda Bynes is a sensationally talented American actress, known by many for her work on the television sketch comedy show entitled 'All That' which ultimately landed her 'The Amanda Show', and of course more recently she has starred on the big screen in movies such as She's the Man and and Hairspray.

Tori Spelling breast implants surgery

Much to my surprise, there have been quite a few rumors swirling around which suggest that Amanda Bynes has undergone plastic surgery for breast implants, and while her breasts do appear to be somewhat larger, i attribute this to a late "21 year old" growth spurt which she appeared to have went through a few years ago.

Megan Fox before and after breast implants

Well at least that's the only explanation i was able to conjure up, because i don't see any giveaway signs of breast implants or plastic surgery of any kind.

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Anonymous said...

I can't say if she had implants or not...but it could be due to her getting a little heavy!