Vida Guerra Breast Implants

Vida Guerra plastic surgery, breast implants?
Vida Guerra is a sensationally popular model who you may have seen in various music videos and men's magazines, she is also regularly featured on those "Top Hot" lists issued by various magazines.

Tori Spelling botched breast implants

Much like Kim Kardashian, Vida Guerra is probably best known for her curvaceous figure and the willingness to flaunt it, however recently Vida appearances to have lost a few lbs and its really showing on her chest. Which raises the question of breast implants.

Megan Fox before and after breast implants

Her once full natural looking assets suddenly look extra round and less natural, kinda like a pair of breast implants...

Whether or not Vida Guerra's breasts are real or not is uncertain, but there is no doubt her famous backside is the real deal. Right, Kim Kardashian?

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