Rachel Zoe Botox

Rachel Zoe before and after plastic surgery, brow lift and botox?
I must admit that i wasn't too familiar with Rachel Zoe and her claim to fame, however i quickly discovered that she is a celebrity fashion stylist and even has her own reality television series entitled, The Rachel Zoe Project.

Kim Kardashian botox confession

Clearly the real "Rachel Zoe Project" is her experimentation with plastic surgery...Am i right people!?!

Nicole Kidman before and after botox

Perhaps Rachel Zoe had a minor brow lift, but i think the major tightening of her forehead is due to botox injections. Apart from that, i don't see any other noticeable procedures.

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Anonymous said...

she looks better now. too many lines in her forehead before. she is a major stress case so this was a good thing and she didn't go overboard like Nicole Kidman.