Nicole Scherzinger Breast Implants

Nicole Scherzinger plastic surgery breast implants?
What is going on with the ever changing appearance in size of Nicole Scherzinger's breasts!?! One minute you'll see her on TV with a small B cup and then bang! C cup in a photo shoot!

Did Nicole Scherzinger get breast implants or is this the work of photoshop and padded bras?
Lets hope she doesn't venture into plastic surgery on her already beautiful face. Nicole Scherzinger before and after breast implants plastic surgery?

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Anonymous said...

Off course she had surgery. It's not the bra's or clothes. there's abig difference.

Anonymous said...

I like this girls music but she is very slim, its very unusual for a woman of a size 6-8 to have huge balloon-like boobs which would better suit a size 16 (UK sizes) i like her natural body shape way better.

JMuldrow said...

It's the bras. There are tricks to make you look bigger without plastic surgery, and you can watch them on Youtube. Many ways, i.e., the type of padded bras, stuffing a bra with socks or using "cutlets", adding and using makeup to highlight and low-light strategically, and different ways to wear a bra to produce the most cleavage (even while wearing low-cut tops, etc.). Also there is the two bra technique too - where the breasts are "smooshed" together and up, and the second bra added over a smaller one, so that they don't look "smooshed" lol. What you see here is padding, and makeup, and yes, if it's a still image, photoshop. Do a Youtube search on it, you'll see the difference. Many girls show "how-tos" ways to make your breasts look bigger without plastic surgery via the methods I mentioned here.

Anonymous said...

You can tell by the picture where she is in black that she has implants , or some seriously bad editing but i think implants