Kate Moss Nose Job

Kate Moss before and after nose job plastic surgery.
You might know Kate Moss as the wildly successful fashion model who seemingly popularized the ultra skinny model type.

Kris Jenner nose job photo

On another note, has Kate Moss had some work done to her nose, perhaps on more than one occasion? Because these before and after pictures are screaming nose job!

Lil Kim before and after nose job

As a youth you can see that she had a very broad nose, and now she has a slim pointy nose with a slight indention on the right side, perhaps from plastic surgery?
You know what they say "if it walks like a duck and talks like a ducks, its a nose job". Isn't that what people say?

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

i do not think kate had a nose job... I think her one side of her nose collapsed (her nostril of choice) from all the cocaine she has ingested ..not an uncommon reaction for users of an exorbitant amount of coke!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a nose job

Anonymous said...

it's cocaine for god sakes