Hayden Panettiere Nose Job?

Hayden Panettiere before and after plastic surgery, nose job?
You may have heard about the plastic surgery rumors concerning Hayden Panettiere and her alleged nose job, but we are here to officially debunk this cosmetic gossip.

Ashley Tisdale before and after nose job

Hayden Panettiere definitely did not have any work done to her nose, and in this particular before and after photo we see nothing but different makeup and lighting.

Angelina Jolie nose job photos

Now that we've cleared up the nose job rumors... Have you taken a look at her bust size, lately? Stay tuned!

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

yeah...i don't see it !!! so if it is true and she did get a nose job..it's a good one - nice and subtle !

Anonymous said...

It's not true, Hayden haven't done any plastic surgery. It's all bullshit!

Lyta said...

I can't see the difference.