Elle MacPherson Plastic Surgery

Elle MacPherson plastic surgery? Nose job, eye lift, lips plumped?
I try to stay up to date with some of the plastic surgery gossip floating around the internet, however i think they missed the spot on this plastic surgery rumor.

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Elle MacPherson is 47 years old and looking fabulous i must say, however a few gossip websites seem to think that Elle MacPherson has undergone a few plastic surgery procedures.

Kate Moss before and after nose job

These websites pointed to her nose being slimmer around the nostril area, her eyes being tighter and her lips being more plump. But i simply don't see it here.
I would be willing to bet that Elle MacPherson hasn't undergone a lick of plastic surgery, ever. What do you think about Elle MacPherson's plastic surgery rumors?

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Anonymous said...

shes gonna age like farrah faucett shes looking very leathery from all the sun bathing look at her hands..

Anonymous said...

The nose and lips are all hers. At forty-seven, though, everybody has some sagging of the cheeks and loosening of the skin of the neck. And nobody's forehead is naturally that smooth and free of frown and worry lines at forty-seven. So I'd say she's had some very subtle, tasteful maintenance. Excellent work.

Anonymous said...

You are blind

Anonymous said...

Her hands... I can't belive that there is not a "treatment" for hands. It is a pity that becoming older does not deserve any credit these days. People get older, and I think we should consider that as a blessing. Instead, we spend huge amounts of money and time in plastic surgery, botox, with the objective of looking like something we are not. Age brings you wisdom. Age brings you experience. Age, brings you beauty. I'm 47, and I feel more wise, more beutiful, more confortable with myself compared when I was 20, even if I have more wrinkles, worst skin. Yes, I suposse that all this is about perspective, about choices. There is still a great dilemma: If I met you, I will judge you for the way you look. I will not judge you for the way you talk, the way you think, or what wisdom have you accumulated. The world will judge you for you appearance, the first sight. Nothing else. What a superficiel world. I'm 47. I'm better that I have never been before. Still, you will judge me for my fitness, my body. Still, you will judge me for the way I look, and not for who I am. It is a matter of perspective, but what a pity, what a poor vision!!

Anonymous said...

Of course she's had fixes!! The fillers that she got above the upper lip give her that lumpiness!! Those fillers should have gone in her skinny hands. Botox to full forehead as well and a good chemical peel to her face or Fraxel laser.
But she still looks great because her body is awesome and hard work!