Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery

Janice Dickinson plastic surgery.

At this point it seems like Janice Dickinson is engaging in plastic surgery like its a competition...

Much like Heidi Montag, Ms Janice Dickinson has also underwent countless plastic surgery procedures during her long career in modeling and recent resurgence in the Hollywood party scene.

Some of the plastic surgery operations Janice Dickinson has been rumored to have underwent include, brow lift, cheek implants, breast implants, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, eye bag removal and of course lips and botox injections.

Checkout this shocking before and after photo of Janice Dickinson, during her early days in the modeling industry and then her current plastic surgery complicated appearance.

Have a look at this neat little picture i found, which points to all the plastic surgery Janice Dickinson is believed to have had. Now that's a lot of arrows!

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Anonymous said...

if she wanted to look mean after plastic surgery she certainly has reached her goal

Paula Wagstaff said...

Let this be a lesson, to ALL who indulge in the idolising of the outer image.
Consider the fact that when the spiritual life is rejected, then one can only compete in the fierce battle of the idol of image.
A sure destruction to the soul, which is the price one pays to gain the whole world.

Look how whe glowed before she sold her soul to the devil and the price she has paid in return.
A lesson for all to learn today.
or you will pay the price to the piper

Anonymous said...

Tampering with nature is an insult to God and that's the results! Everyone is beautiful and must be proud of it!

Anonymous said...


wlljohn7 said...

With enough self-absorbtion and a merciless scaple, Beauty will become the Beast.

wlljohn7 said...

Damn! Beauty just may be only skin deep.

Anonymous said...

What punishment should the doctor receive?

Anonymous said...

I would like to do plastic surgery on some of these doctors.