Faye Dunaway Before And After Plastic Surgery

Faye Dunaway before and after plastic surgery.
Is it just me or is Faye Dunaway's face unusually smooth and tight for a woman closing in on 70 years old?

Perhaps this could be the result of botox injections, chemical peels or perhaps some of the latest plastic surgery techniques for turning back the hands of time.
One thing that is certain, Faye Dunaway has very bold and beautiful pearly white dental veneers. Smile for the camera Faye Dunaway!

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5 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

once again as seen before - alien nation - yikes!

Paula Wagstaff said...

I was going to work for Faye several years ago, so on a personal level I can tell you she has a BIG heart, and is very kind, very maternal

Anonymous said...

A she has a mother's heart..


Anonymous said...

Is she neighing!!!

Anonymous said...

Faye was great looking without the plastic surgery. She made a mistake getting the surgery.

She was extremely hot in the 1960s. One of my top 5 sexy hot women.