Traci Bingham Breasts And Lips

Traci Bingham before and after recent plastic surgery?
It looks like Traci Bingham has finally overdone it with all the plastic surgery procedures...

Traci Bingham has been trying her hand in plastic surgery for over a decade now, starting off with breast implants and now it appears she has moved onto her face.

She has seemingly turned her lovely natural lips into a pair of vienna sausage links, and are those a new pair of breast implants i see? I don't remember them being this large and bulking in the past.

For goodness sakes i hope Traci Bingham stops here, before she heads down the road of lifts and tucks.

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2 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a child with wire thin 1920 something brows? No. That's drastically unnatural. They make everyone with them look so much older than fuller, properly shaped, less severe brows do. The lips and boobs are over done, too. She's a characature of herself.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know ? mirror these people looks in. I don't want 2 look in it if im gonna come out lookn like a damn fool. Now clearly her b4 pic was great she must hav low self esteem or no real friends