Jane Seymour Breast Implants

Jane Seymour is quickly closing in on the big six zero, and the lovely long time actress has recently come clean about her plastic surgery rumors.

I think it came as no surprise to many of us when Jane Seymour admitted to getting breast implants, seeing how her bosom suddenly had added lift and extra fullness.

When Jane Seymour discussed her breast augmentation, she claimed her breast upgrade was so minor that the surgeon had to special order small implants.

You really gotta applaud Jane Seymour for her honesty and forthcoming ways, unlike so many other celebrity actresses who deny their plastic surgery procedures up and down.

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Anonymous said...

As is so typical of Jane this, too, was done in good taste. She looks wonderful without having gone one bit too far. One of the few women deserving to be referred to as a true lady. I hope to look so pretty at that age! *sigh*