Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery

Heather Locklear before and after plastic surgery?
Is it just me or does Heather Locklear's face seem extra full and puffy?

It looks to me like Heather Locklear might be exploring the effects of facial fillers and or lots of botox injections, which are getting kinda scary at this point.
This isn't the Officer Stacy Sheridan from T.J. Hooker i remember, Heather Locklear is starting to look more like a second cousin to Jocelyn Wildenstein, which is really a shame...

Its somewhat disappointing not getting the chance to see your favorite celebrities age natural and gracefully.

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

she looks like a cabbage patch doll

Anonymous said...

Does she have Priscilla Presley's doctor? Both look absolutely swollen. Won't we all be glad when there are more options to defeat the aging process? You can't blame them for trying.

Anonymous said...

Her face is swollen because she likes to drink, and after years of doing it, it shows.