Ciara Breast Implants

I gotta admit i wasn't too familiar as to who Ciara was, however she appears to be a rather successful recording artist, a recording artist with newly emerged breast implants.

This before and after picture shows Ciara having virtually no breasts whatsoever, to bursting with bust in the after picture.

Even though see didn't go over board with the size of her breast implants, it kinda makes you wonder how they fit any implant, considering she didn't appear to have much tissue to work with.

What do you think? Was this a plastic surgery success or failure?

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Success !

Anonymous said...

She could have just went up a size and relied on excellent bras to do the rest.

Dane Erik said...

I don't blame her for wanting to go for a sexier look. However in my personal opinion, she didn't need them. I don't understand why everyone tries to fit into a mold of "beauty." Everyone isn't going to look alike and that's what makes us all beautiful. Why does everyone want that thin nose, pouty lips, big breasted, huge ass look? That's not the only image that is beautiful. Just be happy with yourself, because at the end of the day, beauty fades. Look at all those people who have used plastic surgery to hold onto youth. Grow old gracefully.

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