Rihanna Breast Implants?

Not too long ago there was heavy debate whether or not pop singer, Rihanna, had opted for plastic surgery and gotten breast implants.

Well the dust has settled and there seems to be a line drawn in the sand reading 50/50 on this topic, many people think its quite evident Rihanna had breast implants, while just as many others say no way, Rihanna is all natural.

Chances are we won't know the truth until she comes out and confirms it or perhaps if one of those obvious candid pictures reveals a scar or bulging implant, so until then we can only speculate on her alleged breast implants.

Did Rihanna have plastic surgery or is she all natural? You make the call!

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4 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Yes, it looks like she has some hardening around the high profile implants.

Anonymous said...

its hard to tell

Anonymous said...

i think she opted to get breast implants, but theres also the small chance she gained weight.

Anonymous said...

She clearly got implants, because it looks fake