Melanie Brown Breast Implants

Today's case subject is none other than the former Spice Girl, Melanie Brown or perhaps better known as simply "Mel B" or "Scary Spice".

Over the years we have all seen our fair share of massively disastrous breast implants, wedged into the chest of very slim ladies, only to look absurdly fake and uncomfortable to say the least.

And while Melanie Brown's breast implants are nothing short of huge, they actually seem to fit her body mass quite well, considering she has a rather fit broad figure.
Before and after picture of Melanie Brown boob job.

What do you think about the plastic surgery choice of Melanie Brown? Good results or bad boob job? Don't be scary with you're comments.

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2 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Mel B. was and still is smokin' hot!

Anonymous said...

Mel B looks plastic with no talent at all