Heidi Montag Back Scoop Surgery

And just when you thought that Heidi Montag's ten plastic surgery procedures couldn't get anymore absurd, we now discover she underwent a very uncommon operation called a "Back Scoop" which is said to enhance the back and add more curvature and shape.

Since her her array of plastic surgery operations, Heidi Montag has been quoted as saying she is "very weird about hugging people now, (my body) is very fragile."

This plastic surgery nightmare is turning out to be very sad.

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2 Responses So Far:

Buffy said...

Actually, its common during liposuction of the stomach, waist, and love handles to also do the flanks (commonly known as back fat) which includes the love handles around the top of her bum. Although calling it "back scoop" is strange, the procedure itself is not.

Sinéad McMurdigan said...

After having 4 surgeries on my back for medicak reasons, every cosmetic procedure is a big NO in my case, but this is the number one on top of my list of "No ways!"