Brooke Hogan Breast Implants

Lets a take a moment and reanalyze the breast implants of Brooke Hogan, which seemed very solid and overly perky back in late 2007 when she first had them installed, however after a year of settling they've seem to have fallen into place quite well, giving them an almost natural appearance.

But what happens if they continue to settle and sag, would that call for another boob job?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the future holds for the ever changing breast implants of Brooke Hogan.

Brooke Hogan plastic surgery results.

How would you rate Brooke Hogan's boob job? Would you consider this successful plastic surgery?

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2 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Not successful! They are very saggy! Guess she didn't read the instruction book! :)

Anonymous said...

Love those Hulks!