Rob Lowe Good Genes?

Is it just my imagination or is Rob Lowe aging at half the rate of everyone else?

25 years later and Rob Lowe is still looking wide eyed and bushy tailed, like its his first day in Hollywood.

I gotta admit, i don't see any clear signs of plastic surgery on the face of Mr. Rob Lowe, perhaps his nose and eyes look slightly different, however it seems to be nothing but the natural aging process.

Lets hear what the sharp eyed readers have to say, on the topic of Rob Lowe.

Good genes or good plastic surgery!

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5 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Very Handsome!

Anonymous said...

One of those very lucky people who gets better looking as he ages!

Anonymous said...

Still a good looking man, but as the photos in the 00s show, the shape of his eyes have changed and his cheek bones are still very high up on his face for someone in their 40s. Rob has taken care of himself but it is fairly obvious he has had some plastic surgery done to maintain his youthfulness.

Anonymous said...

No, it is not fairly obvious that he has had surgery, as the previous person wrote. There are 20+ years between when those photos were taken - people's faces change. Nothing here makes the case that he has had plastic surgery. Look at your own photos from 20 years ago! Show me a before and after photos taken within just a couple of years of each other, or less, and then I'll consider the claim.

Anonymous said...

I come from a family who ages extremely well. Looking at Rob, I see the natural aging process of a good looking man who has good genes.