Naomi Campbell Nose Job

Naomi Campbell before and after nose job plastic surgery.
Remember the fabulously sleek English runway model who is known for assaulting her assistants with shiny objects?

Naomi Campbell is her name and apparently getting plastic surgery is her game, or at least that's what this before and after picture seems to reveal.

The Naomi Campbell of today appears to have a very different and much more defined bridge to her nose, unlike the young model who became famous in the mid 80's.

What do the readers think? Nose job or no job?

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Heartless bitch, with no expression what so ever in her eyes. Wish she'd get hit by a car, or worse.....

Anonymous said...

Not just the nose job...Robert DeNiro dated her and slept with Naomi and commented on her 'plastic tits'! A lover knows plastic. Her cheek implants after she dated the black boxer. And the worst part for an example to young girls....she is constantly on cocaine to loose weight and be thin. That is why she is throwing her phone at the help. BEAUTY AT ALL COSTS !!!!!!

Ivie said...

Oh yes she had her nose and cheeks done, and you know what she looks the worse for it. Why in the devils name did she think she needed plastic surgery, I thought she was a very pretty woman? I just hope all the women and girls that look up to her as an example of a beautiful black woman, don't start getting any Eurocentric ideas about beauty.