Marisa Miller Breast Implants

Marisa Miller is the gorgeously voluptuous model who is well known for having all the right curves, but i have my doubts that her breast are the real deal genetic feel.

I think, she already had decent size boobs and decided to slightly increase her bust size with very natural looking breast implants.

I'm not 100% sure on this plastic surgery scenario, however my "implant sense" went crazy when i first saw this particular picture.

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2 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

They're soooo fake. The boob on the left, or the "higher up breast" wouldn't look so square like it does. I have natural D's, and believe me, when you lay like that, they don't look square.

Anonymous said...

depending on what muscles she is using to support herself in this position, they could be more "squared" if she is flexing those muscles in her chest at that moment. people cant always judge based on professional pics either, you never know what it looked like before some sweaty dude with a photoshop pen went to work... if she has gone on record SWEARING to be 100% natural, why isnt that good enough for people?