Christie Brinkley Breasts And Botox

Christie Brinkley before and after plastic surgery.
Let me begin by saying, Christie Brinkley is 56 years old and stunningly beautiful.

Christie Brinkley certainly has amazing genes to be looking this fabulous at 56, however a few red flags point to the help of plastic surgery.

For starters, i don't think there is any debate whatsoever regarding her breast implants.

But the real mystery is Christie's face and whether or not its seen the inside of a plastic surgeons office. The red flag i alluded to earlier is the expressions or lack thereof, coming from the forehead region of Ms. Brinkley.
This could be the result of a full blown brow lift or perhaps frequent botox injections. I guess this is kinda like a plastic surgery mystery of sorts.

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

In philippines, there's a very good plastic surgeon. He is amazing, and I already did.

Anonymous said...

the procedures make these starlets look like aging drag queens. plastic surgery ought to include a dunking in a huge vat of estrogen

Anonymous said...

great, under all this is an ad about photo editing software... You can't trust nothing, even a random girl's picture is enhanced these days! All looking the same now, all perfect and shiny, with exactly the same dumb look, and the same mouth. They call it a trout mouth, i tend to call it a bloody stupid blowfish! Couldn't do it with such girls, it looks the same as doing it with a fish. Well, in my imagination that is! lol