Catherine Bell Nose Job

Catherine Bell before and after nose job plastic surgery.
Catherine Bell is the lovely American actress who is probably best known for her role as Lt. Colonel Sarah MacKenzie on the television show entitled, JAG. And more recently as Denise Sherwood on Army Wives.

Back in the late 90's Catherine Bell was one of the sexiest women on television, period, however recently her appearance seems to have changed, for the worse.

Unfortunately it looks like Catherine has went under the plastic surgery knife for a good ol' fashion nose job, which resulted in a very slim pointy nose job.

I gotta admit, i was complete shocked when i first saw her new nose, seeing how she already had a very beautiful nose before the plastic surgery.

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2 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

And that nose you thought was so beautiful was not even her natural nose. You can see her old nose (but not her old boobs) at the Hollywooddesktop page, I think it was from her modeling days in Japan. She was SOOOOOO gorgeous.

Tammy said...

Both of these photos are post-op. Her natural nose was very different