Andie MacDowell Breast Implants

When i saw this picture of the famed celebrity actress Andie MacDowell, i was at a loss for words at how perky her breasts are, for a 51 year old woman.

Could Andie MacDowell have possibly located the fountain of youth or better yet, the fountain of anti-sag?

Or is this nothing more than the result of some good old fashion plastic surgery, like breast implants?

If those puppies are all natural, props to you Ms. MacDowell! Bravo!

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Good for her. She is 50 & deserves it. I'm glad she hasn't tweaked her face like the others.

Anonymous said...

Totally fake. I'm 22 and my B-cups aren't that perky now.

Anonymous said...

you can tell they are fake the thing i dont understand is why a woman cant be happy with the body she is giving God gave you the body for a reason