Tara Reid Stomach Liposuction

Tara Reid liposuction plastic surgery.
A few months ago we showcased the awful botched breast implants of celebrity b-list actress Tara Reid, but we failed to show you her even worse looking botched liposuction on her stomach.

It appears her surgeon went a little overboard and sucked too much fat from her stomach, resulting in quite a bit of scaring around the navel area.
Tara Reid surely did not has enough body fat to even consider liposuction, but that didn't stop her plastic surgery decision.

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Granny tummy at 35. She needs a good friend to tell her to cover that up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't know why she'd show it off. She's pitiful to me. She tries so hard it seems, and the results have not been good for her. She'd do better spending her money on rehab than on plastic surgery. She was a cute girl at one time. There was no need for all the things she did.

Anonymous said...

This B*tch was TINY before and didn't need this done. What is wrong with these people? I would love to be a natural size 1.