Nicole Kidman Lips, Nose, Botox

Nicole Kidman before and after plastic surgery.
Here we have the talented actress and fashion model, Nicole Kidman, looking kinda "uptight".

Nicole Kidman has been rumored to have underwent several plastic surgery operations, including a nose job (rhinoplasty), lip augmentation and multiple botox injections.
The most evident procedure in these before and after pictures is clearly the botox injections on the forehead area, and her swollen lips in picture #2.
As for the nose job, its difficult to say for sure, however it does appear her nose is just slightly more narrow in the nostril area, in picture #3

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Khe-Shan said...

She lookin a lil funny... idk man she look a lil funny I kno cologene (sp.chk) when I see it.. thems lips are like baloons and that botox got her so shiny!! And a lil tight!

bariatric surgery austin said...

Are there any actresses who have not resorted to surgery? Also I'd like to know if you think actor Jeffrey Meek has had a nose job. I think he has but my friend's not convinced.

Anonymous said...

she could easily star in Star Trek the alien eyes generation - looks weird - ruined her natural good looks

Natural Cosmetics said...

Botox certainly and rhinoplasty probably. However, the rest is just from using high quality organic foundation .

Anonymous said...

After starring in Stepford Wives, she decided like she wanted to look like one. And that's hilarious saying it's organic foundation. HAHAHAHAHA! She's overdone the botox. Her talent is great. I think she's losing what makes her so unique and special. But that magical organic foundation -- she needs to give that up if it's going to make her look so stone faced. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, please! OF COURSE she's had a but-load of work done! She barely resembles her old self! And the boob job is not a good one. She's overdone it on the Botox, too. I've seen finger puppets that had more facial expressions that she does.