Lynn Whitfield Facelift

Lynn Whitfield is an outstanding celebrity actress, who as had roles in great movies such as Eve's Bayou and The Josephine Baker Story.

Over fifty years old and still looking fantastic, but has she had some help from the local plastic surgeon?

You gotta admit, her face seems to be pulled rather tight in these before and after pictures, perhaps the result of a minor facelift, or simply botox injections.

Its difficult to say for sure, but i have a good hunch on this one.

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3 Responses So Far:

Khe-Shan said...

Yes I agree she is a lil tight lmao buts its iight on her ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

She looks good IMO.

Anonymous said...

She has her hair pulled back tightly, thus the pulled back face. She is black and has increased melanin in her skin that protects it from the sun's effects, that is, wrinkling, cancer, etc. She most likely has not had surgery, YET!