Lindsay Lohan Lip Injections

Lindsay Lohan before and after lip augmentation.
When i think of Lindsay Lohan, i think of a woman who has tremendous potential with endless opportunities for an amazing acting career, and ultimately a woman who perhaps took success for granted, and got pulled into the lonely Hollywood backwash of tireless nights...

I think its safe to say, Lindsay Lohan has made her fair share of cloudy judgments in her short life.
And when you consider she is still so very young, and to be making decisions in regards to life altering plastic surgery, like breast implants and even her latest habit, lip injections, perhaps she should reevaluate her way of thinking and seek guidance from other celebs who have triumphed from similar folly.

Wow, this kinda turned into a PSA, sorry folks.

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2 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

It's making the entire area around top lip/under her nose cast a weird shadow & therefore making her spray tan look more silly.

Anonymous said...

Gross and sad.