Sarah Jessica Parker Nose Job

Sarah Jessica Parker before and after nose job plastic surgery.
For as long as i can remember, there has be a debate about whether or not Sarah Jessica Parker has had a nose job (Rhinoplasty).

Some say yes while others firmly deny shes had any plastic surgery work whatsoever, but if you look closely at these before and after photos you will notice a significant difference in the size of the nose, especially near the bridge area.
So lets hear it people, do you think Sarah Jessica Parker is all natural or has she been artificially altered at the hands of plastic surgery?

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely and, I hate to sound mean, but if she did that then she should have kept on going. I do believe she has since had some eye surgery as her eyes are very beady and squinty now.

Anonymous said...

Nearly every individual shown as a teen in a photo will display a nose that appears larger than in a photo taken years later. It is common for the noses of children to grow more rapidly than other parts of their face.

The photo of Sarah Jessica Parker as a teen is just that - a growing individual, not yet fully adult.

Anonymous said...

you can tell she had nose job i seen a movie she was in it with bruce willis and her nose was big seenher in sex in the city and she has a small nose you could really tell