Courtney Love Collagen Lips

Courtney Love before and after plastic surgery, lip augmentation.
Courtney Love has certainly had her fair share of plastic surgery over the years, in fact last time we mentioned her name was in regards to her nose job.

This time we'll feature her new plastic surgery habit, collagen lip injections.
I was surprised when i first heard about her getting lip injections, because she already had rather full lips to begin with, but clearly she felt bigger was better in the situation.

What do you think? Does Courtney Love look better, before or after?

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3 Responses So Far:

bariatric surgery columbus said...

Maybe she figured the alcohol in her drinks would help prevent it from getting infected...Anyway nice post thanks for creating this one.

Anonymous said...

nothing can help,never was or is good looking

Anonymous said...

Well I think she's pretty in the 1999 pic.