Salma Hayek Nose Job

Salma Hayek is an absolute beauty in every aspect of the word, but is everything about Salma 100% natural?

Several years ago it was rumored that Salma Hayek had gotten a nose job (Rhinoplasty), but exactly how many nose job plastic surgery operations has Salma had?
Take a close look at these before and after pictures and you can clearly see there has been at least two different nose job operations.
Either way, Salma Hayek is a wonderful actress, a stunning beauty and humanitarian that we should all admire and strive to be.

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4 Responses So Far:

Donny said...

I don't know if she had a nose job or not, but i do know Salma Hayek is the best looking celebrity actress in the world.

Anonymous said...

The after picture at the top was photoshopped for a magazine. The other two are variations due to light.

Anonymous said...

that is a nose job for sure, no doubt about it

Anonymous said...

It looks like it's just a matter of shading with makeup. You can make your nose look very different.