Halle Berry Nose Job

Halle Berry is certainly one of the most beautiful hollywood actresses around today, who always seems to be gracing the top of every yearly 'sexy poll' put out by glamor and gossip magazines.
But this celebrity beauty may have had a little help in the nose department, as you can see in the following before and after pictures it seems ms Halle Berry had a slight nose job (Rhinoplasty).
This plastic surgery operation appears to have been very minor and rather simple and the results have done wonders for her career.

A+ results on the nose job, however this is not often the case for others.

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5 Responses So Far:

bariatric surgery memphis said...

I don’t think halle has had a nose job. She still has a dinstinctly African American looking nose. You know plastic surgeons haven’t really perfected the art of slimming black people’s noses.

Anonymous said...

im sryy i dont really think shes that pretty

Anonymous said...

she was pretty. not anymore! you can even see that awful acne below all that makeup. she really has to cake it on!

Anonymous said...

i wish i had the money to even get the little things done. she is pretty!

Anonymous said...

Halle's nose was perfectly fine before. Now it looks modified and unnatural. Why do people want to see women hate themselves with nose jobs etc. She is part African american and should except her looks, and not try to change anything to appeal to european standards of beauty.