Fergie Before After Nose Job

Stacy Ferguson, who you probably know better simply as Fergie is best known for her amazing singing voice as part of the highly acclaimed award winning hip-hop group 'Black Eyed Peas', not to mention the attention she has garnered because of her bodacious physique, certainly the result of an excellent workout routine.

With that being said, Fergie is also routinely the subject of countless plastic surgery rumors, including a nose job (rhinoplasty) operation, which is the main focus of this article.

A glimpse at these before and after photos would indicate that the nose job rumors are most likely true, as we see significant narrowing of the bridge and refinement of the tip. Resulting in the highly coveted 'pointy' tip look, which is ever so popular these days, for whatever reason...

Fergie clearly possesses natural beauty and spectacular talent, however its quite evident that she decided she was going for the 'hat trick' when she went under the knife for rhinoplasty plastic surgery. And while some of her loyal fans love the finished product, many others find the procedure uncalled for and just plain awful.

Unnecessary? Sure. But as for the actual results of the surgery, we've seen a whole lot worse during our time covering celebrity cosmetic mishaps. We are all too familiar with nose job risks and dangers...

We personally feel her natural nose was quite cute, as seen in the younger before pictures listed below.

Bare in mind, this isn't the only alleged plastic surgery procedure undergone by Fergie, at least three other cosmetic endeavors have been speculated of the singer. Breast implants were a hot topic of debate several years ago (featured here), and more recently there has been chatter concerning both facial botox and collagen lip injections.

Amid all these speculatory observations, Stacy Ferguson has remained level-headed and unfazed by the rumors shes facing. In Cosmo UK she was quoted as saying:
I read that I'd spent about $30,000 or something...it's just ridiculous. We had a laugh about it. So many rumors have been spread over the years and you have to learn, especially in this business, to just laugh it off. If you stress about it, you'll drive yourself crazy.
Fergie did cite the $30,000 rumor as being "ridiculous", but she didn't make it crystal clear if shes ever experimented with plastic surgery or not. We find this to be rather interesting to say the least.

Either way, Fergie still remains a very talented artist who is indeed at the top of her game. So we don't think any cosmetic scandal is going to effect her quest for success! Unless of course something goes horribly wrong...

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Anonymous said...

Fergie and Bret Michaels............the same!

Anonymous said...

Fergie looks great either way and with every hair color! Good for her! Not the same as Bret Michaels! He should retire already! Crazy Pisces will never settle with one woman! It's against their nature!

parraj said...

she looks like a muppet